U.S. Army, Air Force APC9K PRO Submachine guns

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Video: Brugger and Thomet APC9, APC308 and SPR300 being put through their paces by HCSO

B&T submachine gun Army

The Army chose the Brugger and Thomet submachinegun APC9K. The competitors were  Sig Sauer and four other companies that had been vying for the job, Army Times reported in 2019.

United States Air Force purchased B&T APC9K PRO platforms. These ultra-compact weapon systems are destined for specialized service and close personal protection use within the branch, December 2020. The B&T website provided all the following information and photos:

United States Air Force has purchased B&T APC9K PRO

“B&T is honored to have our APC9K PRO selected by the United States Air Force. We’re pleased to know that specially trained Airmen will be equipped with the finest equipment available to not only ensure their personal safety during challenging assignments, but contribute to the overall success of their mission,” stated Jon Scott, Vice President of Sales, B&T USA. 

The United States Air Force is the second branch of service to purchase APC9K PRO sub compact weapon systems after identifying an operational need for a highly concealable, sub machine gun. At less than 15-inches in length, the APC9K is optimized for low visibility carriage and discreet deployment; use in and around vehicles, and within confined spaces — all while delivering unsurpassed accuracy, controllability and ergonomics.

City of Miami Beach Police Department has purchased B&T APC9K PRO platforms equipped with SIG Sauer P320 magazine compatible lower receiver groups

About the APC9K 
The APC9K utilizes a hydraulic buffer system to drastically reduce felt recoil and muzzle rise and is the most compact version the APC9 PRO line. The platform features functional updates to include dual auto-folding, non-reciprocating and ambidextrous charging handles, improved lower receiver ergonomics that include a side positioned bolt hold open/release, removable M4 compatible grip, and Magpul M-Lok accessory slots located on the forend. Additionally, the APC9K can be equipped to accommodate Glock 9mm magazines, SIG P320 magazines or proprietary B&T magazines, by simply switching the non-serialized lower receiver group.

Also in December, 2020, B&T announced: São Paulo Brazil Military Police purchased the B&T APC40 PRO platform. These compact weapon systems are chambered in the .40 S&W, allowing cartridge commonality between the divisions recently procured Glock service pistol and its new sub machine gun. 

The Advanced Police Carbine (APC) series was developed to meet and exceed the demands of modern police, special forces, and military units around the world and represents the ultimate in performance, reliability and accuracy. For these reasons, the United States Army selected the APC9K as its Sub Compact Weapon (SCW) to support global personal protective missions. In recognition of the initial delivery of SCW’s, B&T commissioned 350 SCW-serialized APC9K PRO models, which will be made available exclusively to US-based collectors.

Kit Includes:

APC9K “Sub Compact Weapon” PRO Pistol
Telescoping Brace / Stock Adapter
Gearhead Works Tailhook Mod 1 Brace
Aimpoint Nano Optic on a B&T Low Profile Riser
Serialized Letter of Authenticity
Custom Pelican 1600 Series Protector Case with Fitted Foam
Three B&T Magazines With Bumpers
B&T Co-Branded Microtech Dirac Automatic Knife With Matching Serial Number
Commemorative Co-Serialized Challenge Coin – 1 Troy Oz .999% Pure Silver
Vertx Dead Letter Sling Bag

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