Appeals Court Denies Anti-Gun AG
By SOF Staff

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals denied an effort by California Attorney General Kamala Harris to intervene in a case involving concealed carry permits. The refusal means that a lawsuit challenging California’s “may issue” concealed carry law will succeed.

According to a report by FoxNews.com, Harris’s effort to intervene in the suit after San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore announced that he would not appeal the ruling. The sheriff of Yolo County, California, which also was involved in a similar case, also declined to appeal the ruling, which struck down a requirement that applicants for a concealed carry permit show a specific reason to be granted one. The three-judge panel also heard a case from Hawaii, which also required that applicants show “good cause” to be granted a permit, and similarly struck down that state’s requirement.

The result of these rulings is that California and Hawaii will become “shall issue” states, boosting the total number of states with either “shall issue” concealed carry or “constitutional carry” (requiring no permit) to 44. The only states with “may issue” laws, some of which are so strictly interpreted so as to make these states “no issue” states, are New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Rhode Island, New York, Massachusetts. The District of Colombia passed a restrictive “may issue” carry law after a court ruling, and most U.S. territories are either “may issue” or “no issue.”

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