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Monthly Archives: February 2021

The Son Also Rises: Jack Hemingway, Adventures in the Army, A POW Camp and the OSS

Jack in uniform with his 2 half-brothers at Club de Cazadores del Cerro, Cuba,194 The Son Also Rises: Jack Hemingway   From the files of the CIA Ernest Hemingway was one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century, capturing the quintessential essence of the lost generation. His works are …

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NVA General to SOG Recon Team: We suffered 90 percent casualties. Part 2

NVA General to SOG Recon Team: We suffered 90 percent casualties By Tilt Stryker Meyer SOF.Black.Part 2 Before ST Alabama could celebrate, the NVA charged again. Three more dead NVA were added to the cadaver wall. Silence dominated the battlefield. No bird chirps, no speaking, no noise of any type. …

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By Bing West From the December 2014 issue of SOF The Setting Sangin was the most violent district in Afghanistan, a remote farmland in southern Helmand Province at the far south of the country. Beginning in 2006, British forces defended the government compound next to the district market, while the …

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The Badass Rugged Rough Rider of New Zealand: Victoria Cross during the South African War.

Hardham wins Victoria Cross in South Africa by NZ Govt.  Wellington blacksmith William Hardham served in South Africa with the fourth New Zealand contingent. He was the only New Zealander awarded a Victoria Cross during the South African War. His Military Career  William James Hardham was born in Wellington, New …

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North of the Red Line: Operation Firewood

North of the Red Line by Authors Hanlie Snyman Wroth and Gerry van Tonder Operation Firewood B Paddy Carolyn: Operation Firewood took place during July and August of 1986. The purpose was to allow Special Forces to determine the location of the base and recce the routes to be used …

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