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WWII Vets. Denied, Problem looms today!

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This is INSANE! Due to the shutdown National Parks, etc. have been closed. However, our government has also sealed off open air parks. These are “parks and facilities that actually need no personnel to work in them other than only as needed maybe a lawn mower or side walk sweeper.

Yesterday OUR “government“ fenced off and barricaded the WWII Memorial. At the time there were hundreds of 85-90+ year old vets flown in from around the country for that day on Honor Flights to see their memorial. The vets cut the police tape and pushed past the steel barricades with the help of some conservative congressmen and they got to walk or wheel chair around the open facility.

Best information as of this morning is that the police have been instructed by the park service (which is headed up by a liberal) to put mounted cops in the way of the several more expected arrivals of Honor Flights today. Think about that. If you can tweet for flash mobs to show up to protect these guys and gals who covered our asses in a world war do so. There were efforts to try to stop this insanity (at this open air park) and the liberals would not help conservative congressional types to allow these folks to see their memorial.

Get the word out!