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Congressman’s Op-Ed Raises Question As Obama Administration Targets Troops’ Religious Freedom
By Harold Hutchison

A Catholic chaplain who was awarded the Medal of Honor for heroism during the Korean War could very well be booted out of the military under the rules applied by the Obama Administration.

“In Obama's Army, the Pentagon brass is ordained in the priesthood of political correctness, while devout Christians such as Medal of Honor recipient Emil Kapaun are shunned and ostracized,” Representative Tim Huelskamp.

The op-ed by Huelskamp cited a number of incident, including an Army e-mail citing the Family Research Council and American Family Association as “domestic hate groups” and ordering subordinates to monitor those under their command who may support those groups. He also cited the case of long-serving senior NCOs who were reprimanded for supporting traditional marriage, and the censorship of a chaplain who posted a video tribute to NCOs called “God Created a First Sergeant.”

Huelskamp, who helped author language to protect religious freedom in the military, wrote, “If you care nothing at all about the constitutional free exercise rights of our servicemen, surely you can at least see the dangers to military readiness posed by such harassment and persecution.”