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Maryland Gun Law May Wreck Supply Chain for M9 Pistol
By Harold Hutchison

The gun-grabbing legislation that Maryland governor Martin O’Malley is supporting could be bad news for the troops due to a provision in the law. Should it become law, the legislation could prevent Beretta from assembling the M9 pistol in their factory in Accokeek.

According to a report by the Washington Times, the proposed law would prohibit anyone from receiving a magazine that holds more than ten rounds. Beretta’s M9, a version of the Model 92, has a standard magazine capacity of 15 rounds.

“If we have to move assembly and testing out of state, that will have an impact on our delivery schedule, which could cause possible delay to our troops,” Beretta’s general counsel, Jeffrey Reh, told the Washington Times. “Also, moving will increase cost. We can’t pass that along to the federal government immediately, but for future orders, it would have an impact on cost for taxpayers.”

Beretta may not be the only supplier facing the effects of Maryland’s proposed legislation. Adcor, who’s Bear carbine is a contender to replace the M4 carbine used by the Army and Marine Corps. “The bill strongly suggests to us that this administration does not support manufacturers in Maryland producing firearms,” the company’s president, Jimmy Stavrakis said. “The bill is a moving target right now, but with this unfriendly business environment, we will strongly consider moving out of state.”

“This is what happens when anti-gun people write legislation,” said Mr. Reh of Beretta. “They either don’t understand the impact of what they are doing or they just don’t care.”