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America May Avoid Being Al-Qaeda’s Air Force, But At What Cost?
By Harold Hutchison

If media reports are accurate, then America’s chances of avoiding the irony of becoming al-Qaeda’s air force in Syria have increased. According to media reports, Syria will hand over its chemical weapons to the international community under a deal being supported by Russia, France and the ChiComs. Thus, the crisis that seemed to be hurtling headlong towards war, would be resolved.

Obama may very well avoid what could be a humiliating loss in Congress, as a resolution authorizing the use of force to respond to a 21 August chemical weapons attack was facing defeat. In a sense, Obama has dodged a political bullet, thanks to Vladimir Putin. There still are major questions to be answered.

What price will Putin ask Obama to pay for this political bailout? One possibility could be missile defense – particularly as Putin has strongly opposed American efforts to develop a missile defense system, while the Obama campaigned against missile defense in the past, and cancelled some Bush Administration efforts to build a BMD site in Poland when he came into office.

Has America been harmed by Obama’s bungling during the crisis in Syria? Could this lead to a new war as the ChiComs push elsewhere?