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What is OPSEC?

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Eighty percent of the intelligence our adversaries collect is from "open source" that someone placed on unsecure websites.

What are they are looking for:

•Names/photographs of important people
•Present and future U.S. capabilities
•Meetings of top officials
•News about U.S. diplomacy
•Important government places
•Information about military facilities:
- Location
- Units
- Amount of lighting
- Exterior size and shape of buildings
- Number of Soldiers / officers
- Ammunition depot locations
•Leave policies
•Brigade and company names
•Degree & speed of mobilization

The U.S. Army, and all government organizations, have communications concerns other organizations do not. Release of inappropriate information can result in lost lives.

•Policies and ROE that govern the use of weapons and electronic or acoustic warfare systems. •Vulnerabilities of defensive dispositions. •Vulnerabilities to attack. •Vulnerabilities / capabilities of units, weapons systems. •Doctrine for using various weapons. •New weapons that are available or are being employed. •Overall bed/treatment capacity. •Shortages in medical specialties / personnel.

Article by Michael Luchner, DPTMS, US Army Garrison-Rock Island Arsenal