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What Happened Near Nogales?

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Agents in Nogales are talking, off the record, about what really happened in Peck Canyon the night of the firefight between armed Mexican cartel members and the BORTAC team. The brass in Nogales, Tucson, and DC is very worried about the facts getting out to the public and have issued a gag order on all agents. They are threatening agents that they will be fired if they are caught talking about the facts of Terry's murder.

A lot of tips are coming in from agents now through back-channels. They want the truth about Terry's murder to be known.

Bottom line: A series of bad BP/DHS procedures, policies, and protocol, all designed to protect Mexican criminals inside the U.S., most likely resulted in the needless death of Agent Brian Terry on the night of Dec. 14, 2010.

Tip from Thursday night (12/23) from trusted senior source inside USBP. We need to get this confirmed ASAP! Congress and the media, where are you??

I can't relate details for the safety of some agents and supervisors. However the word is that when Terry and the illegal alien bandit were both wounded, the BORSTAR helo came down on the scene and they opted to airlift the alien first to the hospital. Terry was loaded onto a vehicle and driven out to where another helo was parked, thereby the alien was given first priority for medical service. At this point we can't confirm this but it sounds like it is coming from people who know.

I am hoping Brian Terry did not die in vain. We need to keep the heat on through the holidays and until the new Congress is installed and then push with all our might for hearings.

Remember, the twice deported Mexican National who was wounded is a confirmed drug cartel member who was also convicted of assaulting a Phoenix police officer several years ago. He was wounded in the foot. Agent Terry reportedly waited many minutes before being flown out. I have heard it was up to a half hour before they could fly him out. He reportedly died en route to the hospital.

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