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Provision in Massive Bill Raises Questions
By Harold Hutchison

The Senate’s “Gang of Eight” introduced their immigration reform bill – which weighed in at 844 pages – three weeks ago. Six days ago, a substitute was introduced, and it came in even longer, totaling 867 pages. But what is in the bill may surprise a lot of people.

Many of the provisions, though, have nothing to do with border security of immigration. According to a report by Byron York in the Washington Examiner, among the provisions of the bill is a nice little deal to allow “a ski instructor, who has been certified as a level I, II, or III ski and snowboard instructor by the Professional Ski Instructors of America or the American Association of Snowboard Instructors, or received an equivalent certification in the alien's country of origin, and is seeking to enter the United States temporarily to perform instructing services” to enter the country to work, but not reside here.

Also in the legislation are wage controls for a number of agricultural workers who would be brought in. Yet despite this level of detail about ski instructors and farm workers, the Democrats in the Senate are trying to rush the bill through, rather than hold serious hearings about what is needed to secure the borders and fix an immigration system that is broken.