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FBI Stats Blow Hole in Gun-Grabber’s Argument
By Harold Hutchison

Did Dianne Feinstein (pictured above) lose an argument for get gun grab)
(Official U.S. Senate portrait)

What is deadlier – rifles and shotguns, or fists, hammers, and other blunt objects? Well, for the second straight year that data has been available, the answer is something gun-grabbers may not want to hear.

According to FBI statistics, the use of what are characterized as “personal weapons” (fists, feet, and pushing) or blunt objects (like hammers and clubs) for murders exceeded that of rifles and shotguns for every year since 2002. The pattern held true, even in years where major mass shootings like the ones at Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, and the Aurora, Colorado movie theater.

Gun-grabbers like former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Senators Charles Schumer, Chris Murphy, and Dianne Feinstein have often hyped the use of semi-automatic rifles like the AR-15 in recent mass shootings in an effort to pass legislation that would ban such firearms. The FBI data from 11 years running, though, shows that the proposed measures lack any logical foundation.

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