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Fifty Years of History Revealed
By Harold Hutchison

In a review at the Washington Times, retired Brigadier General Dale White has lauded Robert K/ Brown’s memoirs, I am Soldier of Fortune.

“Each issue of Soldier of Fortune — circulation 1 million plus — is iconic to readers of a special stripe: veterans, active duty, special operators, mercenaries, gun lovers, law enforcement, adventurers, survivalists and those wish they were any of those. It's not unusual for a combat veteran to admit he got his first glimpse of what he could become in the pages of SOF,” White wrote.

“Soldier of Fortune launched in 1975 as a way for Mr. Brown, a Green Beret in Vietnam, to reach out to brothers in arms. SOF became a global touchstone linking a broad community of warriors willing to go anywhere and do anything — for adventure, for a cause or for a price. Along the way, Mr. Brown and his rugged band of paramilitary journalists wrote, photographed and shot their way through a score of revolutions and brush fire wars, were damned and praised by governments around the world, exposed crooks and scam artists,” White added.

To read the full review, go to: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/oct/23/book-review-i-am-soldier...