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Prospective Lawyers for Benghazi Survivors Denied Clearance
By Harold Hutchison

Survivors of the attack on the United States consulate in Benghazi, which killed four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, are having trouble obtaining legal representation because the State Department is denying security clearances to lawyers interested in representing the victims.

The allegation comes from former U.S. Attorney Joe DiGenova, who made the charge while on WMAL-FM in Washington, DC. One of the attorneys being denied a clearance is Victoria Toensing, a former Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Reagan Administration who was involved in the response to some of the high-profiles attacks in the 1980s, including the hijackings of TWA Flight 847 and the cruise ship Achille Lauro. Toensing has claimed that at least one of her clients has been threatened by Obama Administration officials about Benghazi.

The Obama Administration has been dealing with growing questions about the scandal. Monday, an unidentified special operations soldier contradicted Obama Administration claims that there were no forces available.

“I know for a fact that C110 was doing a training exercise not in the region of northern Africa but in Europe and they have the ability to react and respond,” the operator told Fox News.

During a press conference, though, Barack Obama claimed he wasn’t familiar with reports of intimidation, but said that he would “look into it” according to Breitbart.com.