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A week of successes in Uruzgan

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The work of Afghan National Security Forces and their International Security Assistance Forces partner’s, Combined Team Uruzgan, continue to enhance security, governance and reconstruction in their province.

One of the key enablers to coordinating and enhancing security in the province is the Operational Coordination Center Provincial-Uruzgan. It is at this center that the various elements of the ANSF coordinate and plan the operations conducted throughout the province. Mentored by staff from CTU, the center was reviewed by a validation team from ISAF and was rated against a number of criteria including logistics, leadership, operations and personnel. The majority of the assessment criteria were rated as independent. The overall assessment made was, “effective with advisers.”

“The assessment team was highly impressed with the OCCP-U, which is a credit to the dedication and professionalism of the Afghan National Security Force personnel who operate the centre,” said Col. Jim Creighton, CTU commander. “The assessors commented that the center was effectively functioning independently and could be rated as such once it is completely manned.”

The assessors have taken the standard operating procedures of the center to present as the way forward to other OCCPs across Afghanistan.

“It is a pleasure to serve as the lead mentor with the OCCP-U, through the hard work and dedication of the OCCP-U personnel their abilities have come ahead leaps and bounds,” said Australian Army Maj. Mark Smith, OCCP-U lead mentor.

With ANSF coordination being delivered by the OCCP-U, this week also saw a number of successful partnered operations that have resulted in the detention of three suspected insurgent facilitators in the province.

“As well as the excellent results received by the OCCP-U, Afghan and ISAF soldiers from across the province have detained three suspected insurgents, continuing on earlier successes in disrupting insurgents prior to the fighting season,” said Creighton.

In the Tangi Valley region, a suspected insurgent leader was detained by Afghan National Police and their coalition mentors from 4th Battalion, 70th Armor Regiment. In Shahid-e Hasas, another suspected insurgent leader was detained by Afghan Police commandos partnered by U.S. Special Operations personnel. The third suspected insurgent was detained in the Dorafshan region by Afghan Provincial Response Company-Uruzgan accompanied by Australian Special Operations Task Group personnel.

As well as removing insurgent leaders from Uruzgan province, the ANSF and their partners have found a number of caches in the last week, including a suicide vest and improvised explosive device components.

Article by ISAF Joint Command