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Sudan Masses Troops On Border
By Harold Hutchison

The Republic of South Sudan accused Sudan of massing troops on the border between the two countries. The accusation comes shortly after an attack on cattle keepers that left 100 people dead.

“We have observed the Sudanese Armed Forces moving a large number of military formations to areas in Western Bahr al Ghazal... and also in some parts close to the border with Northern Bahr al Ghazal state," Juba's Deputy Defense Minister Majak D’Agoot Atem said. “This situation is indicative of a major plan underway possibly that the government of Sudan intends to take... military action in order to impose a military solution on the ongoing disputes between the two countries.”

Some of the disputed territory between the two countries have large oil deposits and other natural resources, potential sources of wealth that could be very valuable for either country, neither of whose combined GDP is below $70 billion.