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Gun rights for all Americans may rest in the outcome of a recall election in Colorado's State Senate District 11, where defenders of the Second Amendment are trying to unseat Colorado Senate President John Morse -- the architect of Colorado's notorious new jobs-killing gun-control laws.

If Morse prevails, he will become a national symbol for taking on the NRA and the Second Amendment. He will be the left's Scott Walker on steroids, as gun grabbers enjoy the benefit of a complicit media. Washington politicians, pundits and the media will use him to inspire others to attack gun rights at will in state legislatures and Congress.

Here's the good news...

If the recall succeeds, Morse will be replaced by former Colorado Springs City Councilman Bernie Herpin -- a relentless defender of the Second Amendment and co-founder of the Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition. Herpin is a retired Naval and Air Force officer and a man of impeccable character. He has received the enthusiastic endorsement of the Colorado Springs Police Protective Association and Sheriff Terry Maketa, the man who led nearly all other Colorado sheriffs to join a lawsuit that challenges the new gun control laws. A Morse loss to Herpin will show politicians throughout the country the high price of attacking the Second Amendment.

As of Friday, Aug. 23, reliable sources reported that Morse had ten times more campaign money than Herpin and all recall advocates combined. The gun-rights opponents know what's at stake and are sparing no expense trying to win this battle against our Second Amendment.

Please help defeat Morse and elect Herpin by making generous contributions to:

El Paso County Republican Party
205 Sutton Lane
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Max contribution: $3,400
If mailing check, include address, occupation, employer
To donate with credit card, visit: https://gopelpaso.nationbuilder.com/electrepubinsd11
No corporate contributions

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