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UPDATE!! Former Marine In Slam in Mexico: Marine Corps to the Rescue?

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Remember Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who left active duty in 2012. who claimed that he was snatched by Mexican authorities 31 March this year at San Ysidro border? He had guns and ammo in his truck, and claimed to have not realized that he had crossed the Mexican border.

We have updated our readers as he has been spending nearly three months in a Mexican prison. Many outraged Americans called for his release and return.

Three Star Marine Corps Manpower and Reserve Affairs Commander Lt. Gen. Robert Milstead responded last week stepped up to the plate, offering to use the Marine Corps assets to "assist as necessary to the greatest extent permissible under law." His letter to Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., was a call to action. “While it is not within the Marine Corps’ purview to unilaterally intervene in matters involving a foreign government, I assure you that we are prepared to assist as necessary to the greatest extent permissible under law.”

Problem is, authorities have stated that the way to help Tahmooressi be released is to claim that he had PTSD, rather a drastic measure that would haunt him for life.

What action should the Marine Corps be allowed to take? Weigh in. No obscenities or we will ban you from our site and Facebook