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ISAF Also Whacks Insurgents
By Harold Hutchison

Two Taliban facilitators were captured during operations by ISAF forces across Afghanistan. In addition, some insurgents were killed.

Both Taliban facilitators, whom ISAF declined to name, were captured in Kandahar province. The first was seized in the city of Kandahar, where he was suspected of directing multiple suicide attacks against Afghan and coalition forces throughout Kandahar province, and of being involved in the death of Afghan civilians

The second facilitator was captured in Panjwa’i district along with four other insurgents. He was believed to have imported and distributed home-made explosive material and narcotics, while also providing funds for forces opposing ISAF.

ISAF Joint Command reported the death of four insurgents during an ISAF operation in Kunar province. Another three insurgents were reported killed by ISAF Regional Command East during a separate operation.