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The SHTF 50 Mag Fed UpperConversion system that turns any standard AR15/M16 into a .50 Caliber Bolt Action rifle.

The SHTF 50 is designed to fit any mil.spec AR15/M16 type lower. The SHTF50 also comes in 3 different barrel lengths: 18", 22", and 29".

Note: AR-15/M16 lower NOT included. Starting at $1850.00

What's included:

  • Magazine Fed SHTF50
  • One(1) hammer and sping to replace the AR-15/M16 hammer and spring
  • One(1) 5-Round Magazine
  • User's Manual


  • Receiver: Machined from 4130 Chromemoly Steel
  • Muzzle Brake: 8 port steel. Threaded to muzzle.
  • Bolt Head: 2 lug, machined from 4340 Chromemoly Steel
  • Barrel: 4140 Chromemoly - 18, 22, and 29 inches long - 1-15 Twist
  • Scope Mount: Aluminum with Picatinney rail profile mounted on the receiver.
  • Bolt Body: Machined from 4130 Chromemoly tubing.

Muzzle Velocities:

  • 18"Barrel: 2283.57
  • 22"Barrel: 2385.89
  • 29"Barrel: 2561.91

Average of 3 shots.
Temperature was 90+F.
Humdity was 85%.
Ammo: Summit/French Reloaded M33 Ball
Distance from muzzle to chronograph: 20 Feet


  • 18"Barrel: 12.0 lbs
  • 22"Barrel: 12.5 lbs
  • 29"Barrel: 15.5 lbs

Weight does not include weight of the lower.

For more information on this kit, go to http://www.safetyharborfirearms.com/index.php/products/shtf-uppers/shtf-50-mag-fed-upper-conversion-detail or watch the video below.

For more information on Safety Harbor, go to http://www.safetyharborfirearms.com/