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There is no "safety!"

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The "Liberal Agenda"

A local doctor, a self-professed liberal Democrat, was recently discovered with collection of pilfered signs, stolen from the yards of citizens. All the signs in question expressed opposition to NY's anti-gun "Safe Act."

The doctor was charged with theft, but expressed not the slightest contrition, indicating that all who disagreed with her liberal views are sub-human and have no First Amendment Rights, indeed no rights at all!

Now, the "true liberal agenda" continues, this time at an "official" level. Their hatred of the Second Amendment is now being manifested by their contemptuous dismissal to the First Amendment!

In the Town of Hamburg, NY, a sign that protests the Safe Act is on private property and was placed there by the property's owner. No bad language, nor offensive images. The sign represents a political opinion and nothing more. It creates no hazard, nor does it block anyone's "view" of anything.

Notwithstanding, the local "Code Enforcement Officer," an avowed gun-hating leftist, sent the property-owner terse letter, "ordering" him to take the sign down.

The property-owner courageously refused, citing his First-Amendment Rights! He further pointed out that signs expressing political views have never been banned anywhere in NY, nor can they be! The code-enforcement officer has, in fact, never sent such a letter to anyone else regarding politically-oriented signs!

But, according to NY governor's own words, those who are politically conservative are not welcome to be, nor to live in NY!

Back in the Town of Hamburg, the issue remains in contention.

No surprise that liberals try to viciously suffocate all political opposition, by any means, legal or illegal, they can. In the case of NY, they do it openly!

What is equally unsurprising is the lack of outrage, on the part of the liberal media, and hypocritical professing liberals in general, who so piously, and falsely, claim their devotion to "diversity."

Even professing liberals I know, while covertly confiding concern with the incident cited above, follow-on with, "... but we don't want the unenlightened openly expressing ignorant opinions, do we?" The "ignorant," including all who ask embarrassing questions, are in grave, personal danger from these people, as we see!

Theses same liberals will predictably continue to remain curiously silent as all who oppose them are further abused, slighted, and denied their Constitutional rights.

Their "track-record," including the foregoing, is there for all to see, who want to see!


John S. Farnam