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Police Arrest 160 in London Riots

British authorities say at least 160 people were arrested in London during weekend rioting and looting sparked by a police shooting.

Around 35 police officers were injured in the violence - including three hit by a car while trying to make arrests in east London in the worst riots the city has seen in years.

Withdrawal of Islamic Insurgents a ‘Golden Opportunity,’ says Somali Government Official

Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government (TFG) says it is launching a program to stabilize the capital, Mogadishu, following the withdrawal of hard-line Islamic insurgent group, al-Shabab.

A spokesman for the group said its decision was a “tactical move” that would allow it to redeploy its troops to other parts of the country.

Somalia's Prime Minister, Abdiweli Mohamed Ali, has called the pullout “a tremendous step forward” toward establishing a more stable country.

UN: Al-Shabab Preventing Somalis from Fleeing Country

A United Nations Refugee official says Islamist al-Shabab militants are preventing Somalis from fleeing to neighboring countries in search of assistance. The official was in Somalia Thursday to assess conditions in that famine-stricken country. In a telephone linkup from Nairobi to journalists in Geneva, the official says al-Shabab wants to keep people from leaving so they can be recruited as fighters.

Famine or no famine?

Mexican Police Force Resigns After Deadly Attacks on Officers

The entire police force of Ascension, Mexico has resigned after several deadly attacks on the department's officers in recent months.

The Associated Press says state and federal police have taken over for the 20 officers who quit this week in the small northern Mexico town.

Ascension is in Chihuahua state, where Mexico's violent border town of Ciudad Juarez is located.

More than 40 thousand people have been killed in Mexico since President Felipe Calderon deployed thousands of soldiers to crack down on drug cartels in 2006.

Article by VOA News

Kenya Minister Denies Funding Somali Terror Group

Kenya's tourism minister has rejected a United Nations report that accuses him and other prominent Kenyans of unwittingly funding activities of Somali insurgent group al-Shabab.

Najib Balala told VOA Wednesday that he has not financed al-Shabab and denied having links to the al-Qaida-linked group.

Balala said Wednesday that he does not believe in the Islamist movement, which he described as “power hungry.”

British Officials Examining Authenticity of Nigerian Hostage Video

British authorities are checking the authenticity of a video claiming to show a British and Italian man kidnapped in May in Nigeria.

Britain's Foreign Office said Thursday officials are urgently examining the video, in which two men claim to have been kidnapped by al-Qaida.

The video was sent to news agency AFP's Ivory Coast office, but has not been made public.

Gunmen abducted the two men on May 12 in their apartment in the northwestern state of Kebbi. Both men were working as engineers for an Italian construction company.

India: Forces Kill 3 Suspected Militants in Indian-Controlled Kashmir

Indian officials say their forces killed at least three suspected militants in separate incidents in Indian-controlled Kashmir.

Officials said Thursday that two suspected militants died in Kupwara district when they allegedly tried to cross the Line of Control, which divides the disputed Himalayan region between India and Pakistan.

Indian forces killed another militant in a separate incident elsewhere in Kupwara.

Last week in the same district, Indian authorities said troops and infiltrating militants clashed in a deadly gunbattle.

Pakistani Naval Officers Face Court Martial on Base Attack

Three senior Pakistani navy officers are facing court martial in connection with a brazen Taliban attack on a navy base in May that left 10 military personnel dead.

Senior navy officials told the media on condition of anonymity Thursday that the officers are facing charges because they were responsible for security at the PNS Mehran base in Karachi.

The officers being tried include Commodore Raja Tahir, who was the base commander at the time of the attack but was replaced two days later.

Somali Official: al-Shabab Gets Weapons from Yemen

A Somali official says the insurgent group al-Shabab has received weapons from allies in Yemen.

The Somali consul in Yemen, Hussein Haji Ahmed, tells VOA that the Yemeni wing of al-Qaida recently sent 10 ships full of weapons to Somalia.

The consul said two of the ships were intercepted by Yemeni government forces, but that he believes the others reached parts of the Somali coast controlled by al-Shabab.

Ahmed said he received the information from intelligence sources he declined to identify.