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British PM Seeks Gang Violence Solutions in US

Britain's prime minister says he will look to the United States for solutions to gang violence, following almost a week of riots that erupted in London and other cities across Britain.

David Cameron said Thursday he would seek advice from U.S. cities that have fought gangs, including Boston, Los Angeles and New York.

Cameron told an emergency session of parliament authorities are considering disabling social networking websites that rioters used to coordinate their activity.

Lebanon Tribunal Urges Hariri Murder Suspects to Appear

The head of the U.N.-backed tribunal investigating the 2005 murder of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri has urged the four suspects in the case to appear before the tribunal, and stressed the proceedings will be conducted fairly.

Judge Antonio Cassese issued a statement Thursday saying it may be possible for the four men to appear by video instead of in-person, but that they should at least appoint lawyers.

Britain Announces New Measures to Restore Order

British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced new measures to restore order to Britain's streets and prevent the riots that have gripped the country for much of the past week from erupting again.

UN: Al-Shabab Weakened, Fragmented

The U.N.'s top diplomat for Somalia said Wednesday that there are significant improvements in the security situation in Mogadishu after the surprise withdrawal on Saturday by al-Shabab insurgents from the city. Augustine Mahiga said the fighters have been weakened by national and African Union forces, and that they have split up as they pull back from the Somali capital.

Ambassador Mahiga told reporters via a teleconference from Mogadishu that al-Shabab's so-called tactical retreat has fragmented the fighters into three groups.

Bogged Down by Bureaucrats?

In his new book, Secrets of the FBI, Ronald Kessler reveals that bureaucracy is bogging down the Federal Bureau of Investigation. According to a report from Newsmax.com, Arthur M. “Art” Cummings II, an agent who headed counterterrorism and counterintelligence missions, a number of dedicated operators are being frustrated by bureaucrats.

For instance, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence has grown to over 1,500 personnel, when it had been originally intended to only have several hundred. Many of those ODNI employees have not provided much, according to Cummings.

Suspected US Drone Strike Kills 21 in Northwest Pakistan

Pakistani intelligence officials say a U.S. drone strike has killed at least 21 militants in the country's North Waziristan tribal region along the Afghan border.

The officials say the unmanned aircraft fired two missiles into a house near the town of Miran Shah Wednesday, targeting members of the Haqqani network, a militant group affiliated with the Taliban and al-Qaida.

The dead included local Afghans as well as some Arabs and Uzbek nationals.

British PM Declares 'Fightback' Against Rioters, Approves Water Cannons

British Prime Minister David Cameron has authorized police to use water cannons after four nights of rioting, looting and arson - saying a "fightback" is under way to restore law and order to Britain's streets.

Water cannons, commonly used in Northern Ireland, have never before been deployed on the British mainland.

1 Dead in London as Riots Spread to Other British Cities

A man who was shot in a car in London has died of his injuries, becoming the first fatality of three days of rioting and looting that is spreading from the capital city to other parts of Britain.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has recalled parliament from its summer recess and nearly tripled the number of police on the streets to deal with the crisis.

Iran Says Militants Kill 5 Security Personnel in Northwest

Iranian state media say militants have attacked Iranian security forces in the northwestern region of West Azerbaijan and killed five officers.

Iranian television says residents of the town of Maku near the Turkish border held a funeral ceremony for the five officers on Tuesday. It blamed Monday's attack on “thugs and saboteurs.”