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Communists in Philippines Raid Mining Facilities in South

Communists have owned up to raiding three mining facilities in the southern island of Mindanao in the Philippines this week. The show of force comes as the umbrella organization of the country’s leftist groups is in peace talks with the government.

According to military officials, at least 200 members of the New People’s Army (NPA) attacked two mines of Nickel Asia Corporation, which is partly owned by a Japanese mining firm, and another metal mining subcontractor.

Kidnapped French Woman Reportedly Taken to al-Shabab Part of Somalia

Sources in Somalia say a French woman kidnapped from Kenya on Saturday has been taken to a Somali region controlled by al-Shabab militants.

Elders in the Somali town of Kismayo said Monday that Marie Dedieu is being held in a coastal area of the Lower Jubba region, of which Kismayo is the capital.

A group of gunmen kidnapped Dedieu from her beach house on Kenya's Manda island and took her by boat into Somalia after a gunbattle with Kenyan security forces.

Nigeria Pursuing Link Between Al-Qaida, Boko Haram

Nigeria's government says Islamic militants in northern states are linked to al-Qaida-affiliated terrorists in the Sahel and in Somalia.

Definitively proving that link has brought more international attention to Nigerian terrorism, but may be overshadowing its domestic causes.

Nigeria's State Security Service says terrorists from the Boko Haram sect are linked to Somalia's al-Shabab militia, and the group al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb, which operates across the Sahel from Mauritania to Niger.

12 People Killed in Mexico

Police in Mexico's Guerrero state say they have found seven bullet-riddled bodies in the resort town of Zihuatenejo.

Guerrero state police say the victims were found Sunday.

A local newspaper has published a photograph of the bodies, showing messages lying near the half-naked and bloodied victims whose feet were tied to a street pole. The messages claimed to be from the Knights Templar, an offshoot of the La Familia drug gang.

At Least 19 Killed in Nigeria Village Assault

Police now say 19 people were killed and at least six others gravely wounded when armed men rampaged through a village in northern Nigeria, shooting people and slashing them with machetes.

Local police said a group of 150 assailants descended on the village of Lingyado in Zamfara state knocking on people's doors and attacking them.

The motive for the attack remains unclear. However, police said they believe the assault was retaliation for an attack in August on another village in the area.

Authorities have sent troops to Lingyado in an effort to restore order.

Panetta: Al-Qaida Deaths Hurt Group's Ability to Attack

U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says the recent deaths of key al-Qaida leaders make it more difficult for the terror group to carry out large-scale attacks abroad.

Panetta's comments come days after a U.S. drone strike in Yemen killed American-born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, a key al-Qaida figure, and Samir Khan, a Pakistani-American who produced the terror group's English-language Web magazine, Inspire.

Drone Strike Kills 3 in Pakistan

Pakistani officials say a U.S. drone has fired several missiles on a vehicle in a northwestern tribal region, killing three suspected militants.

The officials say the drone strike happened Friday in Pakistan's restive South Waziristan region, bordering Afghanistan.

U.S. officials do not publicly acknowledge the use of drone strikes inside Pakistan, but privately have confirmed their existence to various news outlets. Pakistani leaders condemn the strikes as a violation of the country's sovereignty.

Timeline: Awlaki’s Role in Terror Attacks

Yemeni and U.S. authorities believe Anwar al-Awlaki, a radical al-Qaida-linked cleric, played a role in a number of terrorist attacks. Here is a look at the major incidents.

September 2001: U.S. authorities conduct a series of interviews with Awlaki in the aftermath of the September 11th U.S. terror attacks for his alleged dealings with suspects linked to the plot. However, no criminal charges were filed against him.

August 2006: Awlaki is among a group of five suspects arrested in Yemen for the suspected kidnapping of a Shi'ite Muslim teenager who was held for ransom.

American-Born al-Qaida Leader Killed in Yemen

A radical American-born cleric wanted by Yemen and the United States has been killed in Yemen in a drone and jet strike that news reports say was coordinated by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

Anwar al-Awlaki was killed early Friday while riding in a convoy in eastern Yemen. Western news organizations quote U.S. officials as saying the raid was coordinated by the CIA and led by U.S. Joint Special Operations Command, the counterterrorism unit that led the May operation killing Osama bin Laden.