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Nigerian Security Hunts Attackers Who Killed More Than 100

Nigerian security forces are searching for attackers who killed more than 100 people in a series of bombings and shootings across northern states this past week.

The coordinated attacks on police stations, churches, and an army base in small towns across northern Nigeria are being blamed on the Islamic sect Boko Haram. The sect claimed responsibility for the August bombing of the U.N. headquarters in the capital Abuja.

Zimbabwe Rally Attacked, Injuring 20

At least 20 people were injured when a rally by supporters of Zimbabwe's prime minister in a southern Harare suburb was attacked.

Youths threw rocks and beat up those attending the rally, called by the party of Morgan Tsvangirai, forcing organizers to shut it down.

The attackers were said to belong to the ZANU-PF party of Zimbabwe's President, Robert Mugabe.

The prime minister had been scheduled to address the rally.

Colombia President: Cano's Death is FARC's 'Biggest Blow'

Colombians are expressing a mix of relief and optimism now that the leader of the country's top terror group is dead.

Some Colombians took to the streets to celebrate after President Juan Manuel Santos went on television to announce Colombian forces had killed Alfonso Cano during a raid in the country's southwestern Cauca region on Friday.

Santos called Cano's death the "biggest blow" against the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in the group's history. He urged the leftist rebels to "demobilize" now that their leader is dead. The president said "violence is not the way."

Kenya Warns Eritrea About Alleged Arming of Al-Shabab

Kenya has threatened to take unspecified action against Eritrea on suspicion that the country is supplying the Somali militant group al-Shabab.

Kenya's foreign minister Moses Wetangula summoned Eritrea's ambassador for a meeting in Nairobi Friday. Afterward, he told a news conference that he had “raised concern” about intelligence Kenya has showing arms flowing from Eritrea to al-Shabab.

He said if that is indeed the case, Kenya has “a series of options” it could take, which he declined to identify.

Q&A: Who's Supporting Al-Shabab?

The Kenyan military says airplanes full of weapons meant for militant group al-Shabab landed in Somalia this week. The unconfirmed reports heighten longstanding suspicions that Eritrea is arming the militants. Eritrea's foreign ministry denies the charge, but the question remains: From whom is al-Shabab receiving support?

Rashid Abdi, a Horn of Africa analyst with International Crisis Group, addresses that question and more.

Pirates Sieze Oil Tanker off Nigeria

Pirates have hijacked an oil tanker off the coast of Nigeria, in the Gulf of Guinea.

Initial reports on the hijacking are sketchy, but agree the tanker, the MT Halifax, was seized in waters near Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

It was not immediately clear how many crew members are on board. The Malta-flagged tanker is managed by Ancora Investment Trust of Greece.

Pirate hijackings have increased this year in the Gulf of Guinea, located off the southern coast of West Africa.

Analysts say pirates in the area tend to raid ships for cash and cargo rather than holding crew members for ransom.

'Occupy' Protesters, Police Clash in Oakland, Dozens Arrested

A mass protest that forced the temporary shutdown of one of the busiest ports in the U.S. erupted in violence, pitting demonstrators against police in riot gear.

Police in the western Californian city of Oakland moved in on the protesters early Thursday, firing tear gas and making arrests, after dozens of protesters broke into an empty building. Officials also accused the protesters of shattering windows and setting fires.

The Associated Press quoted Oakland police as saying some of the protesters were also throwing Molotov cocktails.

Somali Pirates Hijack Greek Tanker, 22 Crew

Somali pirates have hijacked a Greek-owned vessel with 22 crew members on board and are taking the ship toward Somalia.

The NATO Shipping Center says a vessel was hijacked Monday in the western Gulf of Aden.

Andrew Mwangura, a regional piracy expert, identifies the ship as the MT Liquid Velvet, a chemical tanker.

The ship is owned by Athens-based Elmira Tankers. The company has not responded to a VOA request for comment.

Experts have warned that pirate attacks off Somalia are likely to increase now that the regional monsoon season has ended.

Eritrea Denies Reports it Sent Arms to Al-Shabab

Eritrea has denied media reports that it sent two planes loaded with weapons to al-Shabab militants in southern Somalia.

Eritrea's foreign affairs ministry released a statement Wednesday calling the accusations “pure fabrication and outright lies.” The ministry denied Eritrea supplies weapons to the al-Qaida-linked group and claimed the reports were part of a “disinformation campaign” to undermine Eritrea.