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The Mandela Cover-up Unravels

By Cliff Kinkaid
Accuracy in Media

Comrade Mandela’s Secret Life

By Cliff Kinkaid
Accuracy in Media

The South African Communist Party is admitting Nelson Mandela was a high-ranking member. Will the media report these facts? Or will the “myth” continue to prevail?

Krauthammer Lies About Mandela

Charles Krauthammer compared Nelson Mandela to George Washington.

Excuse me.

Washington didn"t lie about chopping down a cherry tree. Mandela lied about being a member of the Communist Party of South Africa.

And Krauthammer is a "conservative" featured on Fox News.

Mandela said, "Islam has enriched and become part of Africa; in turn, Islam was transformed and Africa became part of it."


Time for a Counter-Intelligence Damage Assessment?
By Harold Hutchison

An immediate counter-intelligence damage assessment may be necessary, a major newspaper has declared in an unsigned editorial.

Investor’s Business Daily made the call in a editorial that ran on Friday, citing a number of individuals with ties to the Moslem Brotherhood that hold positions in the Obama Administration. One of the individuals had “praised Egyptian jihadist and Brotherhood leader Sayyid Qutb, a key mentor of Osama bin Laden” according to the editorial.

Mandela: Man and the Myth

Mandela is getting better coverage than the pope – or Christ Himself.

Dr. Peter Hammond of Frontline Fellowship in South Africa notes that President Obama, when condemning the Boston Islamic terror bombings, declared: "Any time bombs are used to target innocent civilians it is an act of terror." Hammond goes on, "Yet he still seems to honor a man responsible for many such terror attacks! Obama praises Mandela as his ‘role model.'"

The Truth About Nelson Mandela

Convicted terrorist Nelson Mandela, the former leader of South Africa who always denied that he was a member of the South African Communist Party, has died. It turns out he was a member of the South African Communist Party. He lied.

Mandela (in the middle), his wife, and white South African
Communist Party leader Joe Slovo.

Pope Francis, Jihad, and Moscow’s “Espionage Church”

Article by Cliff Kinkaid


House, Senate Intelligence Committee Chairs Drop Bombshell
By Harold Hutchison

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and Representative Mike Rogers (R-MI), Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, dropped a bombshell on CNN’s State of the Union, according to a report by Newsmax.com.


Two Haqqani Network Bigwigs Killed by Hellfires
By Harold Hutchison

A suspected UAV strike on Thursday in northwest Pakistan may have killed as many as five high-ranking members of terrorist groups.

According to media reports, the strike on Thursday killed two senior leaders of the Haqqani network and three senior Taliban leaders. The strike occurred outside the tribal areas in Pakistan.