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America Deploys Missile Defenses
By Harold Hutchison

America has deployed a battery of Theater High-Altitude Air Defense missiles to Guam as tensions with North Korea continued to increase. The system is being deployed to counter threats from North Korean ballistic missiles like the Taepo-dong 2.

The deployment comes as North Korea announced that a nuclear attack against the United States had been approved. B-52 bombers continued to take part in exercises involving American and South Korean forces. Meanwhile, the United States has now gone on record stating that “regime change” would become an option if North Korea either invaded South Korea or if a nuclear weapon was used.

As the tensions mounted, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel spoke at National Defense University. “It only takes being wrong once, and I don’t want to be the secretary of defense that was wrong once,” Hagel said in answer to a question given after his main speech. “We will continue to take these threats seriously. I hope the North will ratchet this very dangerous rhetoric down.”