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ISAF also whacks 22 Insurgents in single firefight
By Harold Hutchison

ISAF captured ten insurgent leaders or facilitators over the last four days, including Haqqani high-profile attack facilitators in Logar and Paktiya provinces, a senior Taliban leader in Helmand province, and a Taliban improvised-explosive device cell leader in Kandahar province.

ISAF also reported that a combined patrol of ANA Special Forces, Afghan Local Police, and ISAF forces killed 22 insurgents in a firefight near Sujja Ahmand village in Ghazni province.

ISAF also noted that insurgent attacks have grown more incompetent. A planned attack in Kabul by a murder-suicide bomber was averted when Afghan Security forces noticed him. The would-be murder-suicide bomber ran into a house and detonated his suicide vest, killing only himself.

ISAF Regional Command East reported that forces under its command killed 27 insurgents, captured two more, located two weapons caches, and disarmed 31 IEDs over the last three days. The regional command did note the firefight in Ghazni province that killed 22, but initially only reported 16 dead insurgents.