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Four-Legged Friends Help Defeat IEDs!
By Harold Hutchison

Troops with C Company, 4th Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment have a secret weapon in the fight against IEDs: Livee. She is able to use her sense of smell to help sniff out improvised explosive devices.

Livee is a Tactical Explosives Detection Dog (TEDD), and her warnings require translation from her handler, Private First Class Franklin Sena. Sena, who got nine weeks of training, said, “Now that I'm out here and I see the terrain and what we had to go through today on my first mission, a lot of the training was really, really helpful.”

“I wasn't expecting her to be able to walk along the narrow tops of the grape rows especially when the branches of the grape (vines) were in the way,” Sena said.

The TEDD detachment arrived in the middle of the deployment, and needed time to acclimate, but on her first mission, Livee proved to be a reliable asset.