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Afghan Border Police Receive Customs Training

Afghan border police began an advanced border police and customs course at Camp Arena, Herat province, Monday. The training, provided by the Italian Guardia di Finanza, is designed to increase the efficiency of customs duty collection and help ABP better secure the border. The course includes practical study of Afghan and international customs laws, customs documents, anti-smuggling measures and anti-corruption training. In 2008, approximately 26 percent of customs duties levied by the government of Afghanistan came from Herat province, about 5 billion Afghanis or approximately 72 mil

IJC Operational Update, Feb. 4

An Afghan-international security force searched a series of compounds around the village of Saleh Kheyl in the Jaghatu district of Ghazni province last night after intelligence information confirmed militant activity. The joint force captured a Taliban sub-commander and another insurgent responsible for conducting IED attacks and ambushes against Afghan and international troops. The security force also found multiple weapons. In Helmand, Feb. 3, a joint security force searched a vehicle northwest of Marjah in Nad Ali district after intelligence information indicated militant activity.

Dover Airmen fly first C-5M to Iraq

A Dover Air Force Base C-5M Super Galaxy aircrew delivering over 85,000 pounds of equipment for troops supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom and was the first C-5M to land in Iraq in late January. Dover AFB officials have three C-5M aircraft that have completed the operational testing phase and are about to enter the conversion phase. "It's satisfying to get the aircraft into the fight delivering much needed supplies to the troops in the field," said Lt. Col.

Northern Baghdad joint security operations net 5 arrests

Iraqi Security Forces arrested five suspected terrorists during two joint security operations conducted today to degrade the al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) network in northern Iraq. In Haditha, located approximately 150 km southwest of Mosul, ISF and U.S.

IJC Operational Update, Feb. 3

Yesterday an Afghan-international security force searched a small compound in a rural area of the Nad Ali District, Helmand province, where intelligence information indicated militant activity. During the search the joint force detained a pair of suspected insurgents, and found Taliban propaganda and a grenade. Also in Helmand yesterday, a joint force stopped a vehicle near Kherwaray in the Nowzad District, after intelligence indicated militant activity, and detained a few suspected insurgents.

ISF capture Baghdad explosives-cell members, find weapons cache

Iraqi Security Forces arrested a wanted Baghdad explosives-cell member and seven additional suspected terrorists, and discovered a large weapons cache during two joint security operations conducted today in Baghdad and northern Iraq. In western Baghdad, ISF and U.S.

IJC Operational Update, Feb. 2

An Afghan-international security force detained several suspected militants in Kandahar during two operations yesterday. During the first operation, the combined force searched a vehicle near Lowy Manarah in the Arghandab District after intelligence information indicated militant activity, and detained a few individuals for further questioning. In the second operation, a combined force searched a vehicle near Sparwan in the Panjwayee District and detained an individual. In Khowst last night, an Afghan-international combined force searched a compound in the village of Ya qubi, in the S

IJC Operational Update, Feb. 1

An Afghan-international security force searched a compound in the town of Chahar Bagh, in the Nahr-e-Saraj District of Kandahar last night and detained several suspected insurgents. In Khowst province last night, a joint security force searched a series of compounds south of the village of Goldar, in the Sabari district and detained several insurgents. The combined force found several weapons, including automatic rifles and ammunition. No shots were fired and no Afghan civilians were harmed during these operations.

New Iraqi tanker unit takes the lead

Just before dawn, an Iraqi officer approached Soldiers from 2nd Squadron, 1st Cavalry Regiment, 4th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Regiment, and began pointing at the nearest U.S. vehicle. Using a simple gesture and stating one Arabic word, "Mutarjim," meaning interpreter, the Iraqi officer asked if the U.S. forces had brought one and if they were ready to begin the mission. The Iraqi officer from 5th Iraqi Tank Battalion needed the interpreter so he could communicate with his counterpart, 1st Lt. Erich Roush, a native of Milwaukee, who is a platoon leader in Troop C.

ANA Leads Fight in Lashkar Gah, ISAF Supporting

ANSF forces reacted quickly to contain an insurgent attack on the Afghan National Army's Sharwali Barracks, located on the western edge of Lashkar Gah this morning and are currently in the process of providing additional troops. According to initial reports, the small arms fire attack was primarily from an unoccupied four story building to the south of the barracks.

USS Dwight D. Eisenhower Launches First OEF Sorties

The Dwight D. Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group launched its first sorties in support of Operation Enduring Freedom Jan. 28 and also assumed duties as Commander, Task Force (CTF) 50. Aircraft from Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 7 departed the decks of the strike group's flagship, the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) bound for the skies over Afghanistan to support coalition ground forces. "We are the first strike group to deploy in this historic year," said Capt. Roy J. Kelley, commander, Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 7.

Afghan-international Force Engages Insurgents in Baghlan

An Afghan-international security force came under fire from a large number of insurgents while conducting a patrol in Baghlan province, Jan. 27. The insurgents were firing rocket-propelled grenades across a river. The patrol called for air support. ISAF air assets bombed and strafed the insurgents in a tree line. ANSF forces estimate 12-20 insurgents were killed. The patrol continued its mission and suffered no injuries. There were no reports of civilian casualties in the operation.

'Houn Dawgs' finding IEDs in Afghanistan

Missouri's "Houn Dawgs" of the 203rd Engineer Battalion are sniffing out improvised explosive devices in Afghanistan and rendering them harmless. Sustained by support from back home, members of the Missouri National Guard -- joined by Soldiers from Georgia, Kansas, South Dakota and Washington -- are prevailing in this dangerous mission. "We're all very proud to be here representing our state and our nation," Lt. Col.

Operation Targets Explosives Operator in Afghanistan

Two insurgents, including a senior explosives operator, were killed during an operation conducted by a combined Afghanistan and international security force near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border early Jan. 25, military officials reported today. The combined force went to an area in Afghanistan's Helmand province where the insurgents had collected a large amount of fertilizer containing ammonium nitrate, a key ingredient used to create homemade bombs.

Jan. 26 airpower summary

Coalition airpower integrated with ground forces in Iraq and International Security Assistance Force troops in Afghanistan during operations Jan. 26, according to Combined Air and Space Operations Center officials here. Air Operations in Afghanistan: Asadabad Air Force F-16C Fighting Falcon pilots provided armed overwatch for friendly forces and surveillance of known enemy fighting positions.