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Change Comes As Part of Women in Combat
By Harold Hutchison

The Army is considering new gender-neutral physical standards as the Army prepares to open combat positions to women. Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced the rule would be dropped in January, 2013.


House Passes New Version
By Harold Hutchison

The House of Representatives passed a new version of the Stolen Valor Act, responding to the Supreme Court’s 2012 decision striking it down, by a vote of 390-3.

According to a report by Military.com, the new law now limits bans against false claims of receiving awards to those people who with falsely claim to have been awarded a medal with “intent to obtain money, property, or other tangible benefit.”

May 20th Tornado in Moore, Okla. - Securing Plaza Tower Elementary School

Video by Oklahoma National Guard


Two HRT Members, SEAL Killed
By Harold Hutchison

Elite troops have often trained hard to maintain their edge. In the last week, some of those elite personnel have been killed in accidents.

Two members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s elite Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) were killed during a training accident involving a helicopter in Virginia Beach. The two men, Special Agents Christopher Lorek and Stephen Shaw. Each FBI agent leaves behind a wife and two children.

F-15 Combat Training

2012 Raytheon Award Video


Obama Planning Unilateral Reductions
By Harold Hutchison

With the American nuclear arsenal dropping down to just over 1,500 warheads, Barack Obama is planning to make even deeper cuts to the force, while at the same time planning to cancel the final phase of the construction of missile defense systems in Eastern Europe. Obama has long been an opponent of missile defense.

CVN77 UCAS Launch

Video by U.S. Navy

Triple Amputee Marine Gets Dream Wedding

Video by Hooplaha.com

Warrior POV: Tet Offensive Rescue - premiering Tues 5/14 on Military Channel

"Warrior POV: Tet Offensive Rescue" will premiere this Tuesday, May 14th, on the Military Channel at 10 PM Eastern Time.

Warrior POV shows firsthand how brave and unwavering soldiers pursue the enemy while dodging heavy fire. How will they survive when they do not know what dangers are lurking just over the next hill? How will they adapt when their plans are derailed by the unexpected? Using a combination of helmet cams, computer generated graphics, and pacing that mirrors the pulse of these firefights, Warrior POV brings viewers straight into the enemy’s gaze, armed and ready for action.

Oversea rescue

Video by 129th Rescue Wing


Paying 15 Times The Price of Regular
By Harold Hutchison

While the Blue Angels are being grounded due to the sequester, the Navy is still buying fuel made with “green” technology that costs roughly fifteen times as much as conventional jet fuel.

Gevo, the firm making the costly fuel, announced that it had a contract to provide 3,650 gallons of “green” jet fuel to the Defense Logistics Agency at a price of $59 a gallon. The contract contains an option for another 12,500 gallons at the same price. Standard JP5 jet fuel costs $3.75 a gallon, according to a document on the DLA’s web site.


Stands By Policy That Could Court-Martial Christians
By Harold Hutchison

In an effort to defend a new policy against proselytizing from criticism, the Obama Administration has used definitions that appear to be contradictory with those in the dictionary. The policy has come under fire from numerous quarters after reports indicated a vehement critic of some Christian denominations was meeting with officials at the Pentagon.


The M4 May Soldier On
By Harold Hutchison

The Army is considering cancelling the Improved Carbine project – raising questions about what will be done with $300 million in the budget. The program had come under audit by the Pentagon’s Inspector General.

According to a report from Military.com, the House Committee on Government Oversight was told of the audit of the program, in which a number of gun companies, including Heckler & Koch, FNH-USA, Remington Defense, Adcor Defense Inc. and Colt Defense LLC, are competing to provide a carbine with more reliability than the current M4A1.


Obama Administration Consulting Vehement Critic of Christians
By Harold Hutchison

The Obama Administration is pursuing new policies relating to so-called “proselytizing” that could result in Christians being court-martialed for sharing their faith. Ominously, the Pentagon is consulting a vehement critic of Christians in the military, Mikey Weinstein, who heads to Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

Kilo Btry Crew Served Weapons Live-Fire

Video by 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit