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Military News

Pinpoint technology: MACS-2 tests future warfighting concepts

Marines from Marine Air Control Squadron 2 assisted Headquarters Marine Corps by testing a new composite tracking network during a field training exercise that took place in Dam Neck, Va., July 28- Aug. 30.

“This piece of equipment will help us, as Marines, get back to our amphibious roots,” said Maj. Jason A. Sharp, the operations officer for MACS-2. “This unique capability will eventually allow the Tactical Air Operations Center to detect, identify and distribute hostile targets to joint agencies like Aegis cruisers and fighters providing active air defense to protect our forces.”

Bastrop Fire in Texas

Video by Texas Military Forces

2nd MAW to support Belize Defense Force

Belize citizens will have a unique opportunity to see the United States Marine Corps’ newest combat utility aircraft in action in September when the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing visits to conduct training in Belize.

Kits are key to catastrophe survival

During a major crisis, emergency responders typically address the most critical needs first and may not be able to reach an area until it is deemed safe. That means a lot of families are basically on their own during the height of a large-scale disaster or even days afterward if damage is widespread and roads are impassable.

Because of that reality, we all share the responsibility of ensuring our homes and families are well-prepared for times of crisis. Emergency kits are an essential tool for meeting that challenge.

Construction Begins on SSN 787, Marking Unprecented Production

The Navy began construction of the thirteenth Virginia-class submarine, the as of yet unnamed SSN 787 Sept. 2.

This new construction marks the first time in 22 years that two submarines of the same class have started construction in the same year.

"To get to this important point, our Navy/industry shipbuilding team executed a very successful design for affordability program that yielded significant cost savings and has allowed the Navy to increase production in a fiscally responsible manner," said Rear Adm. David Johnson, program executive officer for submarines.

Raiders retake simulated pirated vessel

Marines with the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit’s maritime raid force boarded a simulated hijacked vessel off Southern California’s San Clemente Island during a training exercise here Sept. 7.

The assault force launched from USS New Orleans on Navy rigid-hulled inflatable boats, executing counterpiracy and counterterrorism techniques – visiting, boarding, searching and seizing the seagoing vessel.

Understanding, Addressing Heat Stress

Bahrain's scorching summer temperatures are not just uncomfortable, they can be dangerous, even deadly. Working in hot conditions without the right precautions poses many hazards to safety and health, and lowers work performance.

Temperatures in Bahrain can reach 115 degrees Fahrenheit by 7 a.m. with humidity ranging from 20 to 85 percent. This humidity can make it feel up to 20 degrees warmer and reduce the body's ability to cool itself through perspiration.

Adrian Cronauer To Be Part of Welcome Home Event for Vietnam Veterans

Fayetteville, NC – September 8, 2011 - “Goooooooooood Morning, Vietnam!” If you’re a Vietnam veteran, you know the name - and voice - of Adrian Cronauer. If you’re not, you’re probably familiar with the 1987 movie of the same name, which was loosely based on Cronauer’s experience as a disc jockey for Armed Forces Radio in Saigon. It’s fitting, then, that Cronauer will be the spokesperson for the first ever Heroes Homecoming, Fayetteville/Cumberland County’s 10-day celebration giving Vietnam veterans the welcome home they deserve but never received.


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