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'No atheists in foxholes': Chaplains gave all in World War II.

Many have heard the familiar phrase, "There is no such thing as an atheist in a fox hole." Where did this come from?

Research I verified in an interview with former World War II prisoner of war Roy Bodine (my friend) indicates the phrase has been credited to Father William Cummings.

As the story goes, Father Cummings was a civilian missionary Catholic priest in the Philippines.

The phrase was coined during the Japanese attack at Corregidor.


Had Been Pulled After Weinstein Complaint
By Harold Hutchison

An essay that was censored after it drew fire from Mikey Weinstein has been restored. The essay, titled “No Atheists in Foxholes: Chaplains Gave All in World War II,” had been posted on the web site for Elmendorf Air Force Base when its removal sparked controversy.

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel Statement on U.S. - Egypt Defense Relationship

Today I called Egyptian Minister of Defense Al-Sisi to discuss the U.S. - Egypt defense relationship. Since the recent crisis began, the United States has made it clear that the Egyptian government must refrain from violence, respect freedom of assembly, and move toward an inclusive political transition. Recent developments, including the violence that has resulted in hundreds of deaths across the country, have undermined those principles. As President Obama has announced, the United States military will not conduct the Bright Star training exercise scheduled for later this year.


Airmen Punished for Objections to Same-Sex Marriage
By Harold Hutchison

At least two airmen stationed at Lackland Air Force Base are facing punishment over their personal views on gay marriage, one of whom is a 19-year veteran who had returned from a deployment.


18 Crew Feared Dead
By Harold Hutchison

An Indian submarine has sunk at its pier after an explosion that is feared to have killed as many as 18 crew on board. INS Sindhurakshak, a Kilo-class submarine that entered the Indian Navy in 1997, had been involved in a fatal explosion in 2010.

The explosion occurred in the submarine’s torpedo room, twisting and bending it, and flooding the forward section of the vessel. The blast also damaged a second submarine, INS Sindhuratna.

INS Sindhurakshak is believed to be a total loss. India had 10 Kilo-class submarines in its navy.

How the Russians Practice Disinformation

Urge Congress to Defend Religious Freedom!

Congress is back home this month, creating a calm before the storm
set to hit in September when the House and Senate will once again have
to reach a budget deal to avert a government shutdown. Your
representatives should be hitting their district streets right now
looking to hear from you and soliciting input for the upcoming fight.
For people of faith, nothing is more important right now than ensuring
that religious freedoms are protected in any "must pass" legislation,
such as a Continuing Resolution ("CR") or omnibus spending bill for
fiscal year 2014.


Increased Visits Sought in Face of ChiCom Push
By Harold Hutchison

The Philippines are opening talks with the United States to increase visits by American military forces to the country. Prior to 1991, American forces had bases in that country, notably Clark Air Base and Subic Bay Naval Base.

F-35B at Miramar

Video by 3rd Marine Air Wing


Obama Retaliates After Snowden Given Asylum
By Harold Hutchison

Barack Obama has cancelled a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin over Russia’s grant of asylum to self-proclaimed whistleblower Edward Snowden. This comes as Obama is stepping up criticism of Russia.

“We'll still work with Russia on issues where we can find common ground, but it was the unanimous view of the president and his national security team that a summit did not make sense in the current environment,” deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes said.


Chaplain’s Assistant Targeted for Personal Facebook Post
By Harold Hutchison

An Army chaplain’s assistant has been threatened with a reduction in rank over a Facebook post on her personal page. The Soldier, an evangelical Christian, has been serving for six years.


“Izumo” Largest Warship Since 1945
By Harold Hutchison

Japan is launching its largest warship since the end of World War II – and it looks a lot like a new aircraft carrier. The Izumo is the newest, most powerful “helicopter destroyer” to enter service with the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force.

The Izumo class is a follow-on to the Hyuga-class helicopter destroyers, which also look like small aircraft carriers. The Izumos displace about 6,000 tons more than the Hyuga-class, which come in at 13,500 tons.

MV-22 Osprey Functional Check Flight

Video by MCAS Iwakuni


Troops Hired As Hitmen
By Harold Hutchison

Mexican drug cartels are reportedly hiring American troops to serve as hitmen – often paying as little as $5,000 for a killing. More worrisome, in at least one case, one would-be contract killer discussed stealing weapons.


Congressman’s Op-Ed Raises Question As Obama Administration Targets Troops’ Religious Freedom
By Harold Hutchison

A Catholic chaplain who was awarded the Medal of Honor for heroism during the Korean War could very well be booted out of the military under the rules applied by the Obama Administration.

“In Obama's Army, the Pentagon brass is ordained in the priesthood of political correctness, while devout Christians such as Medal of Honor recipient Emil Kapaun are shunned and ostracized,” Representative Tim Huelskamp.