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Gun Rights

KING 5 News video deceptive on guns-in-parks law

KING 5 got it wrong visually in the accompanying video. The new rule in national parks does NOT allow target shooting!

Illinois Gun Legislation

    To: Illinois Resident From: Cabela's Communications Subject: Illinois Gun Legislation Date: Feb.

WA State Supreme Court: "Second Amendment applies to states via the 14th Amendment due process clause"

WA Supreme Court rules 2nd Amendment applies to states through 14th Amendment Justices in the Evergreen State hand down

Finnish commission recommends handgun ban

Finnish commission recommends handgun ban; Wire Paladin, San Francisco

Campus shootings, Clemmons tapes show impotency of gun control

Campus shooting, Clemmons tapes show fallacy of gun control


Starbucks campaign brings out the worst in people

Anti-Starbucks campaign affirms fear, loathing and bigotry of anti-gun lobby The first sign of a problem is denial, and Brady Campaign Presi

Seattle bus tunnel beat-down: What could a private citizen have done to intervene?

Charges, backlash in wake of bus tunnel beat-down in Seattle  

Seattle mayor wants your help; California cop Facebook outrage

Seattle mayor seeks input on new top cop, plus OUTRAGE in California! Golden

NH House Com. Votes 19-0 to Send Knife Rights Bill to Consent Calendar

Update on NH Knife Rights Bill Rep.

Another chapter in the Zero Tolerance follies...this time from Portland, OR

Zero Tolerance strikes again...this time in Portland, OR  

Zero tolerance shares hysteria of anti-gun movement

Zero tolerance shares hysteria of anti-gun movement Follow-up to the Brady Campaign v.

Brady Campaign declares war on Starbucks!

Brady Campaign declares war on Starbucks Gun rights activists say it's time for a cup of coffee!


Interview with Gary Marbut of the Montana Shooting Sports Association

SS: What is the Montana Firearms Freedom Act?