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ISAF Rounds `em Up
By Harold Hutchison

ISAF confirmed the capture of a Taliban leader, and two insurgent facilitators, one from the Haqqani Network and one from the Taliban, during operations in Afghanistan.

The Haqqani facilitator was captured after a shootout in Paktiya province, during which one insurgent was wounded. He was accused of housing Haqqani and Taliban militants during operations, and believed to have been responsible for coordinating the movement of weapons and ammunition for attacks on Afghan and coalition forces.

The Taliban facilitator was captured with four flunkies during an operation in Nimroz province. He was believed to be responsible for supervising the pick-up, transportation and distribution of weapons, improvised explosive devices and IED construction material to multiple insurgent groups for attacks against Afghan and coalition forces. He was viewed as a significant link in the supply chain for the Taliban in the Helmand River Valley.

The Taliban leader, captured in Logar province, was also responsible for planning and conducting attacks against Afghan and coalition forces in the area. He also was involved in acquiring and providing weapons to help insurgents carry out attacks.

Neither the Taliban leader nor the facilitators were identified by ISAF.