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Numerous Other Insurgents Also Killed and Nabbed
By Harold Hutchison

ISAF reported the capture of a Taliban facilitator in Kandahar province during operations in Afghanistan. The facilitator, who was not identified, acquired and distributed lethal aid to fighters in Kandahar and Uruzgan provinces. In the past, he has also provided grenades, ammunition, home-made explosive material and improvised explosive devices for use in attacks against Afghan and coalition forces.

ISAF also reported that the hunt for a senior Haqqani Network leader in Khost province resulted in the capture of numerous insurgents. This leader has lead over 200 insurgents for the past five years, and has been involved in atatcks in Khost, Paktiya and Paktika provinces.

During two operations in Ghazni province, ISAF reported that a number of insurgents were killed.