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Fire Extinguishers for School Defense Weapons

As far back as the early the 1980s Jim Shults* talked about how police SWAT units could use a dry powder fire extinguishers (and other everyday devices) as non-lethal assault "weapons" for use against opponents in structures. Shults also lectured how these could be used in hostage events either by the police in rescue attempts or by defenders against an assault.

Shults' idea faded over time and was not used but has seen some minor Internet discussion in the recent few years, but not in the context presented here.

Defending schools

Shults notes that a dry chemical fire extinguisher is a simple to operate, non-lethal device with considerable range and power depending on model. A dry chemical extinguisher can cover a wide area delivering 2 to 10 pounds of fight stopping or slowing diversion causing, vision and breathing impairment, cloaking capability, and close up can create intense fight stopping breathing and visual impairment to an attacker. The extinguisher has the potential to slow down or even stop a single or multiple attacker(s) with little or no collateral effects on defenders.

"The beauty of this is it can also be used to fight fires!"--It is quite simple says Shults-- "An everyday 5-pound dry powder fire extinguisher will shoot a high-speed stream of attacker slowing or stopping (depending on how close) thick powder for 12-20 feet that will cover an area many times larger than pepper spray and you need not be a good shot as with a firearm that could send misses through classroom walls.

"The effect is it can flat out stop an attacker as he tries to clean his face and clear breathing of a massive contamination of powder and the diversion may help force him to change his murderous plans and maybe give defenders the time and opportunity to attack him. And there is nearly no if any collateral harm to people or damage to the building."

"School administrators and staff must actively plan for and aggressively defend the children in their charge and the fire extinguisher and some simple old fashion barricading can help."

While the debate goes on as whether to arm teachers with firearms a proven 21/2 to 10 pound fire extinguisher in every classroom is safe, prudent to have in the first place and a very low cost defense item for any school, home or businesses at threat.

There are trainers/consultants available for for schools on the best model for range and effectiveness and even the best way to employ the extinguisher--they are called firefighters!



Jim Shults is the Manager of Shults Media Relations, LLC, the PR firm sending this press release and has NO clients, prospective clients or any current or prospective person, company or client that in any way will benefit from this release or information.