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Airmen Punished for Objections to Same-Sex Marriage
By Harold Hutchison

At least two airmen stationed at Lackland Air Force Base are facing punishment over their personal views on gay marriage, one of whom is a 19-year veteran who had returned from a deployment.

According to a report by FoxNews.com, Senior Master Sergeant Phillip Monk was relieved by his commanding officer, an open lesbian, after he could not agree that opposition to same-sex marriage was tantamount to discrimination. Monk, a devout evangelical Christian, had earlier been in conflict with the commander over an investigation into an instructor who had expressed opposition to gay marriage. Monk had reportedly concluded that the instructor hadn’t intended to harm anyone. The instructor received a letter of counseling.

A spokesperson at Lackland Air Force Base denied that Monk was punished for his beliefs, saying “They did have a disagreement, but supposedly, they agreed to disagree.” The Air Force told FoxNews.com that Monk was at the end of his assignment.