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20 Injured in Rampage by 16-Year-Old
By Harold Hutchison

A high school in the Pittsburgh area became the scene of a mass stabbing. A 16-year-old suspect is in custody for the attack.

According to media reports, the attack occurred at the start of the school day at Franklin Regional High School. A security guard informed the police of the attack. At this time, there is no information about whether the guard was armed.

In describing the wounds suffered by eight of the victims, Dr. Mark Rubino of Forbes Regional Medical Center, said, “Most of them were to the right lower abdomen and to the right flank and that created some of the criticality of their wounds and the nature of their injuries.”

The stabbing attack is reminiscent of seven similar attacks that occurred in China from 2010-2012.

Dan Zimmerman at The Truth About Guns noted, “As someone once said, the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun (or a knife) is a good guy with a gun. Of course, as we all know, our schools are sterile, gun free zones where, with the occasional exception of a resource officer, guns are prohibited. Kinda like our military bases. How’s that working out?”