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ChiCom Knockoff Of AT-3 On Order
By Harold Hutchison

Faced with a growing arsenal of T-72 main battle tanks in the Sudanese arsenal, South Sudan is buying missiles to counter them. However, these are older missiles.

According to a report by Janes.com, South Sudan has purchased 100 HJ-73 launchers, along with 1,200 missiles. The missile, which has seen service in a number of wars, including the 1973 Yom Kippur War, is a copy of the Russian AT-3 Sagger. The missile uses a joystick to control the missile into the target.

The South Sudanese also bought just under 10,000 Type 56 assault rifles, a Chinese copy of the AK-47, 319 Type 80 machine guns, 319 Type 69 rocket-propelled grenade launchers, and 660 9mm pistols. The weapons sale is valued at around $17 million.