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Soldier of Fortune Turns 35

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I always thought that if I wrote what went on behind the scenes of Soldier of Fortune magazine, it would, without a doubt, be a best seller. It would provide any adventurer, scam artist, drama queen, scandal addict and mad man the read of their lives, and I could retire in comfort. But, not now. Not yet.

For now, I will just relate what was no doubt the most tempestuous and threatening battle that Soldier of Fortune and its notorious publisher faced for decades and how I was dragged unwittingly into that bizarre world.

I was in my first year of law school. Two houses down from the house I had just moved into could be heard—much more often than any civilized neighborhood and student should ever have to bear—earsplitting “music,” boisterous thundering voices trying to out bellow each other, drunken howls and madness that went on for hours, shattering the night air and any existing peace.

I soon learned that the publisher of Soldier of Fortune magazine, Lt. Colonel Robert K. Brown—aka RKB or “The Colonel,” who owned what had become known in the neighborhood as the “House of Madness,” had established the “Brown Hotel.” Without a doubt in violation of all zoning laws and noise ordnances, the “Brown Hotel” hosted an unending stream of action-seeking infamous and famous mercenaries and former special operations forces types. Scores of Viking or pirate looking men, bearded or closely shaven, typically dressed in camouflage, met there to conspire not so stealthily for their next mission to Africa, Asia, or Latin America. They were often joined by myriad mysterious guests that slithered in and out of the quarters set in the unlikely flamingly liberal People’s Republic of Boulder, Colorado.

To read more, go to the current issue of Soldier of Fortune magazine, available at stores, or online at http://www.sofmag.com/current-issue.

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