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USS Saratoga (CV 60) Headed For the Scrapyard
By Harold Hutchison

If you’d rooted through your couch cushions, you may have been able to find enough loose change to buy a carrier from the United States. For the second time in seven months, the United States Navy has sold an aircraft carrier for a penny.

According to a report by FoxNews.com, the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga (CV 60) has joined the USS Forrestal (CV 59/AVT 59) as aircraft carriers that have been sold to a scrapping company for a penny. The Saratoga, a Forrestal-class vessel, saw combat in the Vietnam War, as well as during the 1986 Freedom of Navigation exercises in the Gulf of Sidra, as well as during Operation Desert Storm.

The carrier was commissioned in 1956, and after 38 years of active service, was decommissioned. It remained in reserve for twenty years. It carried as many as 90 aircraft. The ship is slated to be towed from Newport, Rhode Island to Brownsville, Texas for the scrapping.

The United States Navy also retired the carrier Enterprise (CVN 65) in December, 2012, also with intentions of scrapping the vessels. That makes three carriers being disposed of in the last 18 months.