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SOF Weekly Newsletter - 7 March to 11 March, 2011

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SOF has coverage of the controversy over ATF's Project Gunrunner. For full coverage, go to http://www.sofmag.com/gun-rights!

CBP Agents were required to use bean-bag rounds in the early stages of the violent incident in which agent Brian Terry was killed.

Coalition forces seized 50 Iranian-made 122mm rockets from Taliban forces.

The destroyer USS Bulkeley rescued 24 crewmen of a Japanese ship from Somali pirates.

Combat veterans from Afghanistan pass the lessons learned to cadets at West Point.

Soldiers took out a house filled with explosives in Afghanistan.

Check out this video of the US Coast Guard rescuing crew members from an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.

Insurance companies are reportedly planning to fund a private security force to help escort commercial merchant ships in areas threatened by Somali pirates.

U.S. military forces are preparing to render assistance in the wake of the magnitude 8.9 earthquake that hit Japan.

A retired Army pilot returned to service after eight years of retirement - then in Afghanistan, he became a hero.

Dave Workman discusses the low murder rate in Seattle, and what it means in the debate over Second Amendment rights.

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