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SOF Newsletter - 3 December, 2010

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South Korea will retaliate if North Korea attacks again, a senior advisor to the South Korean President said.

One senior member of the Zetas drug cartel was captured by Mexican authorities, as the Mexican war against drug cartels continues.

The Marines built a new runway at FOB Delaram II, in Afghanistan.

Sal Giunta, the first living recipient of the Medal of Honor in the War on Terror, is the epitome of the Warrior Ethos.

American and Japanese forces started Keen Sword, a joint exercise involving over 10,000 American personnel.

During an operation to clear the Haqqani Network out of Khost province, one of that network's facilitators was captured.

Afghan and American forces have gained a foothold in the horn of Panjwa’i, a Taliban stronghold that has held out for nine years.

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