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SOF Newsletter - 28 OCtober, 2010

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Former Argentine President Nestor Kirchner died yesterday after a heart attack. Kirchner was the subject of an article in the July, 2010 issue of SOF that discussed how he and his wife were taking power in Argentina.

The Army will greatly expand its special operations forces, including the addition of five active-duty and two National Guard battalions of Green Berets, by 2017.

While Americans are concerned about the deficit and the debt, there is one area that they are not willing to cut: The defense budget. This is what Mackenzie Eaglen reports at the Corner on National Review Online, citing a Gallup poll. One of the poll's other findings was that many Americans felt that Americas national defense was "not strong enough."

Dave Workman discusses how an incident may very well lead to a push for fore "safe storage" laws

ISAF carried out a precision air strike in an effort to take out a senior leader of the Haqqani terrorist network.

Video of a graduation ceremony of Iraqi tankers learning to use the M1A1 Abrams.

Two former Marines are running for Congress. Nick Popaditch, who was the subject of the cover story in the November, 2010 issue of SOF is running in the 51st Congressional District of California, and Ilario Pantano, an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran, is running in the 7th Congressional District of North Carolina. For links to their campaign websites, go to www.sofmag.com.

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While Americans are concerned about the deficit and the debt, there is one area that they are not willing to cut: The defense budget. This is what Mackenzie Eaglen reports at the Corner on National Review Online, citing a Gallup poll. One of the poll's other findings was that many Americans felt that Americas national defense was "not strong enough."
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