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Crook was Fatally Shot in 2012 Robbery By CCW Permit Holder
By Harold Hutchison

It is something that supporters of the Second Amendment see all too often. The family members of someone killed in a violent crime involving a firearm are out there, emotionally calling for new gun laws. The family of Dante Williams is among them… but there is something some media outlets won’t tell you about Mr. Williams and how he died.

According to a report by Breitbart News, Mr. Williams, who died at age 19, was shot and killed by a concealed carry permit holder while attempting to rob patrons at a South Carolina Waffle House. Authorities in Spartanburg, South Carolina, said that the January 2012 shooting was self-defense.

Among the family members of the deceased robber calling for tougher gun laws, including more training for CCW permit holders, is Williams’s cousin, Tamika McSwain, who claims that Harrison would not have fired the fatal shots if he’d had more training.

Harrison’s CCW instructor, former Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Deputy David Blanton, said that recently released video shows that Harrison acted properly.
“Not only was he defending his own life, which the law says he can do, but there were other people in the restaurant, he told FoxCarolina.com.