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Sgt. Miguelange G. Madrigal Honored for Heroism
By Harold Hutchison

The 3rd Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company (ANGLICO) is one of five such units in the Marine Corps. Three are active-duty, two, including the 3rd, are in the Marine Corps Reserves.

One member of the 3rd ANGLICO, Sgt. Miguelange G. Madrigal recently was honored for heroism during a 15 February, 2008 engagement with hostile forces during the War on Terror.

Madrigal was part of a patrol attacked by insurgents. When a fellow Marine was hit, he helped pull the Marine behind cover, and applied a tourniquet to the wounded leg. Then, he proceeded to call in three air strikes from AH-1 helicopters.

“I want to thank Sgt. Madrigal for his gallant service and bravery, and selfless sacrifice to his family and the Marine Corps,” Lt. Gen. Steven A. Hummer, the commander of MARFORRES and Marine Forces North, said. “We have some tremendous men and women in the Marine Corps, and this is just another demonstration of what I call our next great generation. To have these kinds of young Americans and young Marines doing what they do, it’s just an honor to serve with them day after day. “