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Sikh At Temple Tried To Stop Shooter

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Out of the wake of the tragic shooting at a Wisconsin Sikh temple comes news that one of the members most likely tried to stop the shooter with his Kirpan, a knife carried by Sikh men to remind them to defend the weak and oppressed, and provide them the means to do so. Ironically enough, nanny-state oppression has forced these Sikh men to wear shorter, blunted versions of the Kirpan.

Thus rise reports of a man, a leader and finally a hero named Satwant Singh Kaleka, who saw his fellow defenseless Sikhs being gunned down and attacked the shooter with what was basically a blunted, ceremonial letter opener.

This is old news to some, but most reports are neglecting the true nature of the Kirpan wielded by Kaleka, simply calling it "a knife."

Idiotic weapons laws aren't just hurting the rich, white republican, they're pumping out disarmed victims of every race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, and social station.

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