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ISAF Captures Two Other Taliban Leaders
By Harold Hutchison

ISAF confirmed that Sher Zaman, a Taliban leader, was killed during an operation in Helmand province earlier this week. This marks the fourth Taliban leader confirmed killed in the last week of operations.

Sher Zaman was involved in responsible for purchasing and distributing IED components to other Taliban members for use in insurgent operations, and also participated in IED and small arms fire attacks against Afghan and coalition forces. He also provided intelligence to senior Taliban leaders.

ISAF also confirmed the capture of two Taliban leaders. One of them, Naqibullah, controlled a cell of fighters in Logar province who built and emplaced IEDs. The other Taliban leader, not indentified in ISAF releases, managed a network of Taliban informants throughout Kandahar province, gathering intelligence for the insurgent group’s use in attacks against Afghan and coalition forces.

ISAF also confirmed the capture of two Taliban facilitators. One of them, captured in Uruzgan province, specialized in improvised explosive devices. The other facilitator was captured in Kandahar province, and was involved in weapons trafficking in that province.

ISAF’s Regional Command East reported that in the last two days, forces under its command killed one insurgent, captured five more, and disarmed ten improvised explosive devices. This brings the regional command’s total for the week to 20 insurgents killed, 20 captured, and 41 IEDs disarmed.