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Taliban Planting False Info about Interpreters
By Harold Hutchison

The Taliban are exploiting American immigration laws to get at interpreters who aided coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. In at least one case, the terrorist group has planted false information, resulting in a visa being pulled.

According to a report by the Washington Free Beacon, Janis Shinwari received a visa after a two-year campaign by Matt Zeller. But the visa was revoked, due to information. Zeller believes that the Taliban planted false information to keep Shinwari in Afghanistan. Shinwari is not the only interpreter to have problems. The interpreter who fought alongside Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer has also had trouble receiving a visa.

The situation is widespread. “It’s this very, very bizarre set of circumstances because [the applicants] cleared these incredibly rigorous security clearance processes,” Katie Reisner, the national policy director of the Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project said. “And then somehow, at the last minute, the State Department gets some sort of punitive evidence that they give credence to above and beyond all the lengthy, lengthy processing that the applicant has gone through and passed.”

“The slightest little thing can doom your chances,” Kirk Johnson, founder of the List Project told the Free Beacon. “For the most part these Afghans and Iraqis have no clue what went wrong with their case.”