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"Get the Inside Secrets of Combat Conditioning, Bodyweight Exercise, Chi Kung, Doubling Your Flexibility, The Fastest Ways Humanly Possible to Burn Fat, How to Eliminate Pain - and Much much More - for a FRACTION of the Original Price"

Think you're in shape? Then take the Combat Conditioning Test!
"Double Your POWER, Strength, Endurance and Flexibility in Record Time With the Combat Conditioning System"
Follow the Legendary System That Quickly Catapults Your Strength, Endurance and Flexibility to record levels.
Change Your Body - Change Your Life
The Combat Conditioning System comes with a fully illustrated manual with 48 extraordinary bodyweight exercises and several quick-start routines that help you take off like a rocket. Along with the manual you'll receive 3 workout DVDs, including:
• DVD #1 - The Leg and Lung Workout (This will kick your butt - and get you fit fast. On this DVD you'll learn the proper way to do Hindu squats so that you get maximum results in minimum time. You'll also learn Hindu jumper squats, which knock regular squats right out of the park. Follow along with me on this DVD and you may be my next student who can easily rep out 500-straight Hindu squats without a break.) 
• DVD #2 - The Pushup Workout (This will give you incredible strength and flexibility throughout your upper body, spine, hips and core. The Hindu pushup is one of the main pushups you'll learn, but there's far more in store for you, including a 100-straight pushup challenge that you're welcome to follow along on. ) 
• DVD #3 - The Ab and Back Workout (The routine on this DVD flattens your stomach, strengthens and stretches your back and energizes your brain. Learn the back bridge the right way and very soon you'll be holding it for at least three straight-minutes. This will stun your friends and family, that's for sure. In addition to the bridge, you'll learn many other extraordinary exercises that make aerobics classes look like feeding pigeons in the park.)
Normally, The Combat Conditioning System sells for $97 plus S&H. And along with the program you get three free gifts. Well, I'm going to make that offer look like child's play right NOW. 
Okay, how? 
Here's how: In addition to this incredibly low amount, I'm going to "sweeten the pot" by giving you FREE ACCESS to the Matt Furey Inner Circle (aka Furey Faithful) for one full year for no extra charge. 
Inside the Matt Furey Inner Circle, you'll have private access to 12 best-selling book, 72 special reports, 40+ videos and a couple dozen workout programs. And this is just the "warm up."

For more information, go to http://www.mattfurey.com/